International Scientific and Practical Conference
“Religious discourse in Cyberspace: Challenges and Solutions”

On May 25, 2024, official representatives of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Arab Republic of Egypt at the international scientific and practical conference: “Religious discourse in Cyberspace: challenges and solutions”, organized by the Egyptian University of Islamic Culture Nur-Mubarak in Almaty at the presence of Vice-Minister of the Egyptian endowment and secretary of religious committees, Egyptian Parliament and general Mufti of Kazakhstan, as well as Vice-Minister of Culture and Information of Kazakhstan, representatives of the United States, Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Kyrgyzstan and other countries, foreign scientists participated.

Following the results of the conference, the following proposals were adopted:

  1. Religious discourse to be with people in the cyberspace system in a way that supports the values and principles of religion and meets the needs of a digital society;
  2. Using electronic platforms to respond to accusations and suspicions directed against Islam on issues of polygamy, the status of women, religious fanaticism etc., put forward by scientists and religious experts;
  3. All religious leaders should cooperate in the fight against the phenomenon of atheism and its counteraction through electronic platforms;
  4. Religious discourse needs to be updated and presented according to the demands of the new digital world.
  5. The importance of using the digital world to familiarize oneself with the Islamic religion and the role of information related to the Islamic religion in proper storage on the Internet;
  6. Preparing an online curriculum for the Faculty of Islamic Studies to enable imams (graduates of the Faculty of Islamic Studies) to reach out to the public in urban and remote areas;
  7. Preparation of an electronic curriculum that includes important topics in the humanities for teaching and academic research;
  8. Development of an electronic curriculum for teaching foreign (Arabic, English) languages to university students.


Chairman of the Conference: Professor, Dr. Muhammad Al-Shahkhat Al-Jindi (Rector of the University)
Conference organizer: PhD, Associate Professor Kairat Kurmanbayev (Vice-rector of the University)
Conference Secretary: PhD Dr. Yktiyar Paltore

15 Zul-Kid 1445 Hijrah
May 25, 2024